All about our Yumi Lash Lift Service

About Yumi Lashes 2.0

Originating from France, Yumi Lash Lifts have gained a cult following worldwide. This Keratin Lash Lifting system not only lifts but nourishes the lashes, resulting in a consistent and high quality result unlike it's counterparts. You can count on superior, longer lasting results compared to traditional lash perms or lifts. At Skintopia, all our therapists have completed certification to ensure that they have advanced techniques to provide our clients with the best Yumi Lash Lift experience.
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How does it work?

By combining three seperate solutions (Keratin, Proteins and a Nourishing Agent), the Yumi Lash Lift Service lifts, fixes and infuses serum into the natural lash to create lifted, voluminous natural lashes. At Skintopia our Lash Lift service also includes a Lash Tint to amplify results

Why do we use Yumi instead of other Lash Lifting brands?

Yumi is famous for it's consistent, fantastic results that provide our clients with the longest lasting results as well as added Lash Health benefits